Valid and well-formed TIFF's with scanline corruption dataset

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Valid and well-formed TIFF's with scanline corruption

Images are part of the collection of the Dutch cultural heritage project Beelden Voor De Toekomst. During the project, a total of 91.183 hours of video, 22.086 hours of film, 98.734 hours of audio, and 2.5 million photos from these archives will be restored, preserved, digitized, and disclosed through various services.


National Archives of the Netherlands (NANETH) / Beelden Voor De Toekomst

Dataset Location / Champion
OPF Format Corpus: NANETH_8bpp_grayscale

Issues brainstorm

  • Not sure if we have more TIFF images in our collection with the same issue.
  • JHOVE does not support validation of this particular implementation of TIFF (16 bit Grayscale Scanline-based)

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List of Issues
[Valid and well-formed TIFF's with scanline corruption]

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