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Open Planets Foundation Digital Preservation Tool Registry

This is a set of pages to experiment with a wiki-based preservation tool registry. It should be considered very beta! Please feel free to contribute/edit/comment!

This registry is intended to meet the following aims:

  1. Support the sharing of experiences of applying tools to digital preservation problems
  2. Provide a browsable list of tools for those seeking a preservation solution
  3. Collate information that could be parsed by a bot to generate alerts (for example when a new version of a tool becomes available)

Eventually we would assume that a more formal, database driven approach is used to capture this information. A wiki however provides a mechanism to quickly start recording data and explore needs and requirements without investing lots of effort in defining a data structure.

The complete tool list can be viewed on one page, or tools can be categorised by their labels so that they can be listed by their function. To add a new entry to the registry, go to the Digital Preservation Tool Registry page and follow the instructions.

The intention is to add in details from other sources, such as this list of tools that was constructed by participants at the AQuA Project Mashups: AQuA Mashup Tool List. So far only a few of these tools have been added. See also Old Tools List Page, and Forensic tools list, and http://agogified.com/tools-and-services, and this list of lists http://delicious.com/beardedstoat/toolregistry.

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