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File format management utilities

File integrity utilities

  • ACE (Audit Control Environment): Validates the integrity of digital files through mathematical techniques.
    • Note that Andrew Jackson uses ACE-AM to manage multi-Terabyte data prior to curation and later ingest into our digital library system.
  • Checksum Checker: Monitors the contents of a digital archive for data loss or corruption.  Part of NAA DSPS tool suite.
  • FastSum: Manifest creation and checking with a reasonably usable GUI.
  • Manifest Maker: Supports the transfer of data objects by producing a manifest file which satisfies the requirements for a digital transfer. Part of NAA DSPS tool suite.
  • JackSum: Support 58 popular standard algorithms. Integrated with File Browser.

File transfer utilities

  • BagIt Library:  Java software library that supports the creation, manipulation and validation of BagIt bags.
  • BagIt Transfer Utilities: Collection of tools for validation and transfer of BagIt bags.
  • GNU Wget: File transfer utility: Permits retrieval of files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP
  • rsync: Checksum-validated robust re-startable transfers of all sorts. Useful for cloning large collections reliably over a flaky connection.

Conversion utilities

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