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  • IS11 PDF files may face preservation risks IS22 Characterise and Validate very large … will work with these large files. IS24 Characterisation of large amounts of wav audio
  • dependencies (see See also SP:IS11 PDF files may face preservation risks. AQuA:PDF Characterisation Tool News Feeds Release
  • Issue: "AQuA:Unknown PDF characteristics", resulting in the Solution page: "AQuA:PDF Characterisation Tool".
  • Open Planets Foundation File Scanner Title Open Planets Foundation File Scanner (OPFFS for short) Detailed description Problem: What the hell is on this hard disk / directory!?! Tools Problem: While there are tons to tools available, none are so incredibly easy to install that a normal user can answer this question the
  • Mediainfo output viewer Title Mediainfo Output Viewer Detailed description A basic script which builds the mediainfo XML output and prepares the outputs for simple viewing. The script inserts the necessary XSLT references and allows tabular viewing of the XML output. Any files which aren't identified by mediainfo as au
  • tiff2RDF visualising image collection consistency One line summary Tool to extract image visualisations, map to RDF for graph analysis Detailed description tiff2RDF runs Sanselan, FITS, ImageMagick on a set of images to extract technical metadata. The fields are mapped to RDF which relates image files to specific field
  • Pagelyzer Summary Purpose: Suite of tools for detecting changes in web pages and their rendering Homepage: Source Code: License: None Cost: Free Platform: Unix !http://www.webaddress.logo/InsertLogoURLHere! Description Pagelyzer is a tool
  • pdftk Summary Purpose PDF manipulation tool Homepage Source Code Repository License GPL Debian Package Description Pdftk supports various kinds of PDF manipulation and hacking, including the extraction of metadata and repairing dam
  • peepdf Summary Purpose peepdf is a Python tool to explore PDF files in order to find out if the file can be harmful or not. Homepage Source Code Repository License GNU GPL v3 Debian Package Description From the peepdf homepage: ??peepdf
  • SO18 Comparing two web page versions for web archiving Title Comparing two web page versions for web archiving Detailed description Our system is based on: (1) a combination of structural and visual comparison methods embedded in a statistical discriminative model, (2) a visual similarity measure designed for Web pages