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Page: AQUAdio - characterization of user-generated audio field recordings
One line summary Tool to extract audio properties and metadata from audio files                   Detailed description AQUAdio is a wrapper script around the Open Source getID3() PHPlibrary ...
Other labels: mp3, mp4, wmv, wma, aiff, 3gpp, id3v1, id3v2
Page: Audio Auditing Script
One line summary{} A script to check a collection of audio recordings for 1) expected files, 2) expected specification, and 3) provenance.                           &nbsp ...
Other labels: auditing, metadata, wav, broadcast-wave, bwf, jhears, audioscout, sox
Page: Audio Collection (York)
Basic description York Sound Archive digitised audio.                                           &nbsp ...
Other labels: dataset, aqua
Page: Audit audio batch against criteria
One line summary{}   Check a batch of audio files against a set of criteria.                                   &nbsp ...
Other labels: fingerprint, bwf, audiovisual, prototyped, issue, qa
Page: EAP Issue 3 Metadata Extraction from audio, video and image files
One line summary We need to autoextract metadata from audio, video and image files for quality assurance and cataloguing purposes. \\             &nb sp;&nbsp ...
Other labels: characterisation, issue, unknown_characteristics
Page: Endangered Archives Programme (EAP)
Basic description (Multimedia) Image, Audio and Video collections EAP \\ Licensing AQuA event files cleared for use. Normally Content creators clear copyright. EAP can provide access for research. \\ Institution British Library (on behalf of many institutions ...
Other labels: aqua, dataset, image, video
Page: Extraction of metadata from digital audio files
One line summary The extraction of technical metadata and embedded 'descriptive' metadata from audio files of multiple, esoteric and proprietary formats. \\ Detailed description Audio files intended for longterm preservation may be created outside of the control of standardized archival workflows ...
Other labels: mp3, id3, extraction, characterisation, issue, unknown_characteristics
Page: User-generated audio field recordings
Basic description Made on portable digital recorders, handheld devices and smartphones, this collection of borndigital audio field recordings submitted by the public presents a number of challenges for secure and efficient preservation.  Created on a variety of unspecified recording devices, audio files ...
Other labels: dataset, aqua