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Related Labels: prototyped, video, characterise, tiff, obsolescence, image, audiovisual, issue, qa, flv, unsolved_issue

Page: EAP Issue 1 Broken TIFF images
One line summary                                                     &nbsp ...
Other labels: tiff, image, issue, obsolescence
Page: EAP Issue 4 Detecting Visual Errors
One line summary Images with errors can only be properly identified once they have been looked at individually (some appear in Bridge to be fine, while others will show some error).Need to identify images which show pixilation, banding ...
Other labels: image, tiff, qa, issue, unsolved_issue
Page: Player stops part way through some of the performances
One line summary Some of the FLV files submitted stop part way through, why? Detailed description Issue champion metvanes\\ Possible approaches Examine the container structure to see whether corrupted Repair the broken container if possible ...
Other labels: characterise, video, prototyped, flv, audiovisual, issue, qa