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Page: Born-digital - migration success
One line summary Checking whether an automated normalisation produces a surrogate of sufficient quality ... Detailed description "sufficient" obviously needs to be defined in terms of significant properties relevant to the context but are there some checks which can be run to determine whether ...
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Page: Identifying rotated, duplicate images using pHash
One line summary Identifying duplicate images rotated during postprocessing Detailed description Several tools, including XCL Extractor/Comparator, ImageJ and pHash were briefly explored to determine if an image was a rotated copy of another image. The solution ...
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Page: OCR Comparison
One line summary Compare two different OCR results. If the results are not sufficiently close, the source pages may be different indicating possible issues. \\ Detailed description See detailed scenario descriptions below. \\ Solution champion Georg Petz & Sven ...
Other labels: taverna, workflow, ocr, tiff, jpeg2000, tesseract, hocr, quality_assurance
Page: Quality assurance of a migration from TIFF to JPEG2000
One line summary Quality assurance of a migration from TIFF to JPEG2000 to ensure that significant properties of the TIFF master originals are captured in the JPEG2000 derivatives Detailed description \\ \\ \\ \\ Issue champion Paul Wheatley \\ Possible approaches Image comparison between the source ...
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