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Page: Externally Generated Content
Basic description This is a donated collection to King's College London Archives. It is the archive of a war studies academic who was a lecturer at Sandhurst. It is part of a hybrid collection, containing paper and digital. This particular part of the collection contains floppy disks, chiefly backups from ...
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Page: MS Word 97-2003 Documents (NANETH)
Basic description A collection of MS Word 972003 Document with embedded and linked objects Licensing A small sample collection Institution National Archives of The Netherlands Collection expert metvanes\\ Issues brainstorm Can we identify the exact version of a .doc file ...
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Page: Open Access PDFs
Basic description Open Access research outputs and etheses (sample being used from White Rose Research Online and White Rose eTheses Online)                     &nbsp ...
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Page: Unknown PDF characteristics
One line summary PDFs are deposited without full information. \\ \\ Detailed description \\ PDFs have been deposited without clear metadata to indicate who created the file, what version the file is, and whether the file is locked for editing. \\ \\ \\ Issue champion ...
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