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Page: Check consistency between metadata and content
One line summary Check that the METS, OCR, JPEG2000 masters and the PDFs are consistent \\ Detailed description As shown in the diagram below, check images and ALTO files information defined in METS against the real files stored in separate Zip files. Also ...
Other labels: mets, ocr, metadata, jpeg2000, jp2k, pdf, jpx, mj2
Page: Compare OCR results of the same source material in different formats (TIFF, JP2)
One line summary The intention of this solution was to compare two OCR results where the images that are OCRed have two different formats, one is the original TIFF file, the other one is a JP2 (JPEG 2000) representation of this TIFF file. The goal was to find ...
Other labels: ocr, jpeg2000, levenshtein, solution, aqua, quality_assurance
Page: Unknown JPEG2000 characteristics presents risks to quality, preservation and access
One line summary Unknown JPEG2000 technical characteristics present risks to quality, preservation and support for access \\ Detailed description The profile used to create a collection of JPEG2000 images is unknown. It is not known if there is a consistent profile used across the collection. Without verifying ...
Other labels: image, prototyped, issue, obsolescence, conformance