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Page: Audio Auditing Script
One line summary{} A script to check a collection of audio recordings for 1) expected files, 2) expected specification, and 3) provenance.                           &nbsp ...
Other labels: audio, auditing, wav, broadcast-wave, bwf, jhears, audioscout, sox
Page: Check consistency between metadata and content
One line summary Check that the METS, OCR, JPEG2000 masters and the PDFs are consistent \\ Detailed description As shown in the diagram below, check images and ALTO files information defined in METS against the real files stored in separate Zip files. Also ...
Other labels: mets, ocr, jpeg2000, jp2k, pdf, jp2, jpx, mj2
Page: EAP Issue 6 Identify Missing or Out of sequence files
One line summary The problem is that sometimes there are gaps in a numerical, alphabetical or alpha numerical naming sequence, and/or outofsequence files within a set of digital files.          &nbsp ...
Other labels: issue, qa, unsolved_issue
Page: Inconsistencies between metadata and content
One line summary Check the consistency of a METS item to ensure that page images, OCRd metadata and components within service PDF files are consistent \\ Detailed description Complex processes are required to generate content and metadata. Errors or failed creation/move ...
Other labels: prototyped, mets, issue, structural_relationships
Page: Newspaper issue dates
One line summary For cataloguing purposes, it is of absolute importance that the issue data metadata is accurate. How can we ensure this? And can we predict where issues may be missing? Detailed description Newspapers are structured by title, by year, and by issue in each ...
Other labels: ocr, issue, unknown_characteristics
Page: Unknown born-digital file history
One line summary History of individual files and how they relate to others within the wider collection          &nbsp ;      &nbsp ...
Other labels: extraction, office, unknown_characteristics, appraisal_assessment, issue, unknown_file_format
Page: Using METS data to inform analysis
One line summary Can we use metadata in METS files to help us target QC analysis of the OCRed text? Detailed description METS files describe structure of documents, listing the pages (with links to their ALTO and image files), and showing ...
Other labels: qa, issue