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Page: Audit audio batch against criteria
One line summary{}   Check a batch of audio files against a set of criteria.                                   &nbsp ...
Other labels: audio, fingerprint, bwf, audiovisual, issue, qa
Page: Duplicate images within a collection or job
One line summary Duplicate images within a collection (set of images) or complex object (scanned book)                                &nbsp ...
Other labels: image, fingerprint, issue, duplication
Page: Identifying the content of MS Office documents
One line summary We have OLE2 Office documents, which may contain more documents, and we want to identify which version of Office each was created by. \\ Detailed description The older binary Office document formats (OLE) are effectively ...
Other labels: issue, characterisation, embedded_objects, obsolescence, appraisal_assessment
Page: Inconsistencies between metadata and content
One line summary Check the consistency of a METS item to ensure that page images, OCRd metadata and components within service PDF files are consistent \\ Detailed description Complex processes are required to generate content and metadata. Errors or failed creation/move ...
Other labels: metadata, mets, issue, structural_relationships
Page: Player stops part way through some of the performances
One line summary Some of the FLV files submitted stop part way through, why? Detailed description Issue champion metvanes\\ Possible approaches Examine the container structure to see whether corrupted Repair the broken container if possible ...
Other labels: characterise, video, flv, audiovisual, issue, bit_rot, qa
Page: Quality assurance of a migration from TIFF to JPEG2000
One line summary Quality assurance of a migration from TIFF to JPEG2000 to ensure that significant properties of the TIFF master originals are captured in the JPEG2000 derivatives Detailed description \\ \\ \\ \\ Issue champion Paul Wheatley \\ Possible approaches Image comparison between the source ...
Other labels: comparison, image, issue, qa
Page: Quality issues may be present in digitised pages
One line summary Quality issues may be introduced during digitisation, post processing, transport or subsequent storage \\ Detailed description ... \\ \\ \\ Issue champion Paul Wheatley \\ Possible approaches ReOCR the master image and compare with supplied OCR text to ensure ...
Other labels: image, issue, qa
Page: Unknown JPEG2000 characteristics presents risks to quality, preservation and access
One line summary Unknown JPEG2000 technical characteristics present risks to quality, preservation and support for access \\ Detailed description The profile used to create a collection of JPEG2000 images is unknown. It is not known if there is a consistent profile used across the collection. Without verifying ...
Other labels: image, jp2, issue, obsolescence, conformance
Page: Unknown PDF characteristics
One line summary PDFs are deposited without full information. \\ \\ Detailed description \\ PDFs have been deposited without clear metadata to indicate who created the file, what version the file is, and whether the file is locked for editing. \\ \\ \\ Issue champion ...
Other labels: document, issue, unknown_characteristics