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Page: EAP Issue 2 TIFF images that will not to open in Photoshop or Adobe Bridge
One line summary TIFF images submitted by EAP projects will sometimes open in imaging programmes (eg the default Windows viewer, Nero, Irfanview), but not in Photoshop            &nbsp ...
Other labels: tiff, image, obsolescence, issue
Page: EAP Issue 4 Detecting Visual Errors
One line summary Images with errors can only be properly identified once they have been looked at individually (some appear in Bridge to be fine, while others will show some error).Need to identify images which show pixilation, banding ...
Other labels: image, tiff, qa, bit_rot, issue
Page: EAP Issue 6 Identify Missing or Out of sequence files
One line summary The problem is that sometimes there are gaps in a numerical, alphabetical or alpha numerical naming sequence, and/or outofsequence files within a set of digital files.          &nbsp ...
Other labels: metadata, issue, qa