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Page: Backing up Nintendo DS ROMs
Title Backing up Nintendo DS ROMs Detailed description Another use case from the Freiberg event which requires the backing up of copy protected console software, this time complicated by the fact that the software delivery medium is a ROM cartridge ...
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Page: Backing up PS3 or XBox 360 Games
Title Backing up PS3 or XBox 360 Games Detailed description Given Sony's copy protection techniques and legal clout this is still not easy. It is possible if you have a modded PS3 that can run linux, there's brief instructions here http ...
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Page: Backup Nintendo Wii Discs
Title Backup Nintendo Wii Discs Detailed description There are several potential solutions for backing up Nintendo Wii discs, but finding the right combination of hardware and operating system wasn't possible at the Freiberg event. In lieu of a demonstrable solution I've put ...
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