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Page: FidoJavaWrapper implementation tips
Martin Jensby, Danish Data Archives The most interesting part of the wrapper is the class, this one is actually the only class you really need to look at, when using this in your project. Creating an object of it allows you to set more ...
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Page: FIDO Python workflow implementation tips
Introduction FIDO does not (yet) have an API which can be called for implementation in workflow systems. Although there is a FIDO class which could be called after import of, it is not recommended to use it. This has to do with the fact the class was not designed to be instantiated ...
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Page: FIDO roadmap
FIDO roadmap in order of priority. # improve OLE2 container identification by unpacking and scanning components separately (OleFileIOPL: ) # create unittests ## for overall functions ## for PRONOM signatures, possibly with fallback to previous version # create DEBIAN package ...
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Page: FIDO usage guide
Audience Developers and Practicioners Preface This usage guide is written to be suitable for both Windows (cmd.exe) and Linux/Apple, but functionality or invocation may differ and will be stated if this is the case. Example output will only be added if it differs from default. Purpose of FIDO The main (and only ...
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