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Page: Mediainfo output viewer
Title Mediainfo Output Viewer Detailed description A basic script which builds the mediainfo XML output and prepares the outputs for simple viewing.  The script inserts the necessary XSLT references and allows tabular viewing of the XML output.  Any ...
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Page: Open Planets Foundation - File Scanner
Title Open Planets Foundation File Scanner (OPFFS for short) Detailed description Problem: What the hell is on this hard disk / directory\!?\! \\ Tools Problem: While there are tons to tools available, none are so incredibly easy to install that a normal user can ...
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Page: PDF to PDF-A Conversion Pre-Processor
Title PDF to PDF/A Conversion PreProcessing Detailed description It's unlikely that a batch PDF/A conversion utility could be written in just a couple of days: \\ Because the PDF format is complex, the specification document is 700\ pages extensions Conversion to PDF/A is a difficult problem ...
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