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Page: Data Extraction from real world Android Phone Images through BW-FLA Emulation as a service
Title \\ Data Extraction from real world Android Phone Images through BWFLA Emulation as a service. The challenge is to extracting images from real Android phones (as the Nexus series devices) and mount them in the BWFLA emulation environment. Based on this setup ...
Other labels: issue, unsolved_issue, opf, hackathon, android, emulation, database, preservation
Page: Harvest webmail accounts
Title Harvest a web mail account and generate a ARC file out of it Detailed description In order to harvest a web mail account, we use the JavaMail API ( ilIntro) with the POP3 protocol. The first ...
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Page: Web based email "harvesting"
Title \\ Web based email "harvesting" Detailed description The setting is collecting private archives, more specific web based emails. It should be possible to automatically harvest emails from web based email accounts. The system should scale as the number ...
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