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Page: Ability to automatically identify script files
Title \\ Ability to automatically identify script files Detailed description It is necessary to provide accurate and automated identifications for various file format types in order to effectively manage and preserve such objects. At present, many of the file format identification tools do not identify ...
Other labels: issue, york_hackathon, unknown_file_formats
Page: Determine the format of a digital object
Example from angelaa We recieved a batch of digital images and are not able to define what imageformat they are saved in and what software to render them with. Could you help me with this task and explain how to proceede in such a situation? they have ...
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Page: Identifying web content
Title \\ Identifying web content Detailed description The Web archives team at BnF has long suspected that the MIME types declared by the server for their pages' content were not accurate, which is a problem for preservation and could impede future emulation, for instance.Thus, when ...
Other labels: issue, york_hackathon, unknown_characteristics
Page: Open Planets Foundation - File Scanner
Title Open Planets Foundation File Scanner (OPFFS for short) Detailed description Problem: What the hell is on this hard disk / directory\!?\! \\ Tools Problem: While there are tons to tools available, none are so incredibly easy to install that a normal user can ...
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Page: Server MIME Type Correction
Title MIME Type Correction Mapping TAble Detailed description Not a fullblown solution, but an initial analysis of the problem and of how to reconcile the problematic MIME types given out by servers with the results from the file tool. Solution Champion anjackson\\ Corresponding ...
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Page: Use ohcount to detect source code text files
Title This solution uses a tool called ohcount to spot source code files, and compares the results with those from file. Detailed description A detailed description of the Solution. Feel free to include links to further information (eg. OPF blog posts ...
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Page: Validate and report filetypes per file
Title Validate and report filetypes per file Detailed description To report the file discrepency on a per file basis, we: \\  \ open each file from the archive \\  \ analyse the filetype using droid \\ \\  \ compare the filetype with the web ...
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