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Page: Analyzing a disk image of a 12-year old laptop
Title \\ Analyzing a disk image of a 12year old laptop \\ Detailed description This laptop belonged to an academic researcher and contains a variety of files/file formats that mix professional work and personal information. Third party privacy issues exist with respect ...
Other labels: appraisal_assessment
Page: Common validation error messages from PDF to PDFA conversion
Title \\ Common validation error messages from PDF to PDFA conversion \\ Detailed description The validation error messages found from two pieces of validation software when performed on the same \file: \\ From PDFBox Preflight: \\ Invalid font definition ...
Other labels: untagged, unsolved_issue, preservingpdf
Page: Data Extraction from real world Android Phone Images through BW-FLA Emulation as a service
Title \\ Data Extraction from real world Android Phone Images through BWFLA Emulation as a service. The challenge is to extracting images from real Android phones (as the Nexus series devices) and mount them in the BWFLA emulation environment. Based on this setup ...
Other labels: unsolved_issue, hackathon, android, emulation, database, preservation, data_capture
Page: Decoding JP2 with OpenJPEG goes wrong in case of embedded ICC profiles
Summary Decoding a JP2 that contains an embedded ICC profile with OpenJPEG 1.5 (commandline tool) results in a degraded output image. Original test data here . Source image We're starting with the image below, which is a losslessly compressed ...
Other labels: jp2, unsolved_issue
Page: Jhove reports error for non-standard violating criterion (imbalanced page trees)
Title \\ Jhove error messages "Improperly constructed page tree" are not file format errors according to the PDF 1.7 standard \\ Detailed description Jhove reports an error for PDF files which contain imbalances page trees. The PDF 1.7 ...
Other labels: unsolved_issue, preservingpdf