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Page: Check content of e-pub against digitized book
Title \\ Check content of epub against digitized book Detailed description The French National Library has begun creating EPUBs from its digitized books. They are also available as images (TIFF masters, JPEG dissemination) and increasingly as full text ...
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Page: E-mail Threads - relinking the conversation
Title Email Threads relinking the conversation \\ Detailed description Email Threads (RE: / FW\:) in a mailbox are technical linked through an ID with each other as long as people follow a "good email protocol".  \\ The problem starts when people ...
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Page: ePub Version 2.0 Validation
Title \\ Validating ePub files Detailed description The BnF is currently experimenting with dissemination in the ePub to support eBook readers (enabling reflow) \\ They decided to stick to a 2.0 specification for the format due to wide support for the format. Issue champion Thomas Other interested ...
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Page: Verify if data (a file) is not existing anymore
Title \\ Verify if data (a file) is not existing anymore \\ Detailed description An object needs to be deleted and one needs to be absolutely sure that the object is not existing in any form anymore in the system \\ It also needs to be sure that only this object has been deleted ...
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