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Page: Common validation error messages from PDF to PDFA conversion
Title \\ Common validation error messages from PDF to PDFA conversion \\ Detailed description The validation error messages found from two pieces of validation software when performed on the same \file: \\ From PDFBox Preflight: \\ Invalid font definition ...
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Page: Lovebytes Festival Media Archive
Title \\ Lovebytes Festival Media Archive Description Lovebytes International Festival of Digital Art was established in Sheffield in 1994 with a mission to explore the cultural and creative impact of new technology and to provide a public platform for new work in digital art. The Lovebytes Festival ...
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Page: PDF to PDFA Conversion
Title PDF to PDF A Conversion Detailed description One solution is to use ghostscript to convert PDF to Post Script to PDF/A. \\ Once ghostscript is installed the following bat script can be placed in a file named "pdf2pdfa.bat" and ran in a directory containing PDFs ...
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