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Page: Appraisal and preservation of 3D modelling data
Detailed description More information is needed about various file formats what they are, whether they are propriety, whether they have long term preservation issues in order to make a decision from a collection of data about what is important to keep. This information would ...
Other labels: issue, obsolescence, planning_management
Page: Audit and identification of current electronic records
Title Audit and identification of current electronic records Detailed description Large volume of digital content needs identified and audited in order to form a coherent risk assessment which leads into a Digital Preservation Strategy for Northumberland Estates. Currently tried DROID ...
Other labels: issue, unknown_file_formats
Page: Content profiling
Title Content profiling Detailed description We need more information on the images in order to set up a preservation plan. Issue champion silviag78\\ Possible Solution approaches FITS EXIFTOOL C3PO Context The images have been digitised by several ...
Other labels: issue, unknown_characteristics
Page: Image content identification and categorisation
Title Content identification and categorisation. Detailed description There have been no consistent naming conventions applied to the dataset, the majority of files have no meaningful titles. In some cases names have been given at folder level but not file level. Copyright ownership ...
Other labels: issue, unknown_characteristics
Page: Visual Analysis of Preflight Output
Visual Analysis of Preflight Output Detailed description During the mashup we ran Apache's PDFBox Preflight over 4000 PDFs sourced from ADS and Middlesex. I was curious about how we might ...
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