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Page: Black areas or pixels in TIFF files
Title \\ Black areas or pixels in TIFF files \\ Detailed description Some of the valid images contain black areas upon rendering or sometimes do not render at all in one or more different rendering applications. Issue champion techmaurice \\ Other interested ...
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Page: Document content and utility preservation
Title Document content and utility preservation Detailed description We need to ensure that documents are readable and remain so for as long as possible. The method needs to be quick and accurate. To this end we need to identify vulnerable documents so that we can allocate ...
Other labels: spruce_london_2, issue, obsolescence
Page: Nexus Characterisation - STFC
Title Nexus Characterisation Detailed description There are a lot of tools available for characterisation. There are native NeXus tools, Apache Tika and Jhove2. As Nexus is a scientific data format, the issue here is which one of these tools is best at format identification and validation. Issue champion ...
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Page: PDFA Validation tools give different results
Title PDF/A Validation tools give different results Detailed description There is a disparity between the the results of of the different tools which perform validation of PDF/A files. The tools tried include PDFTron PDF/A Manager Adobe Preflight Apache PDFBox Preflight ...
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