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Page: India Papers Collection
Title \\ India Papers Collection \\ Description The Medical History of British India website allows full browsing and searching of 330 medical volumes from the National Library of Scotland's India Papers collection. \\ There are 3 phases online ...
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Page: Malformed TIFF images
Title \\ Malformed TIFF images \\ Description \80,000 TIFF files (1.3 TB), most of them valid. Some of the valid images contain black areas upon rendering or sometimes do not render at all in one or more different rendering applications ...
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Page: McLean Museum
Title McLean Museum Initial Digitised Collection Description Scanned images of archival documents which have been created as digital surrogates. These have been stored as JPEGS. A digital artwork, a DIVX file, is also included in the collection along with digitised ...
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Page: National Fairground Archive
Title \\ National Fairground Archive Description Large collection (80,000) of digital image files (photos and scanned documents). TIFF, JPG Licensing Copyright in much of the material is held by the National Fairground Archive, but a significant proportion of content is 'orphaned' Owner University ...
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Page: Seven Stories author & illustrator files
Title \\ Seven Stories author & illustrator files \\ Description Digital records in various file formats created by authors and illustrators in the process of writing/illustrating books.  Incidental occurences in collections which are primarily paperbased, and usually saved onto floppy ...
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