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Page: Authenticity and Integrity of Digital Artwork
Title \\ Authenticity and Integrity of Digital Artwork \\ Detailed description The digital artwork was created as part of an exhibition at the McLean Museum. Currently, the artwork is stored as DIVX file. Concerns are made over ensuring that this artwork remains accessible but ultimately unchanged ...
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Page: Checksumming
Checksumming Detailed description As part of the development of the preservation strategy there is also a need to map duplicates and check for authenticity and integrity of files.  Part of this process is looking at checksumming.  This involves using tools such as Fastsum: and looking ...
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Page: Straightforward calculation and verification of checksums
Title Straightforward calculation and verification of fixity/checksums Detailed description Goldsmiths hold digital content on disc and hard drives.  To ensure integrity of the content there needs to be a way to generate and verify checksums for existing content and future content.  The solution ...
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