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Page: Appraisal and preservation of 3D modelling data
Detailed description More information is needed about various file formats what they are, whether they are propriety, whether they have long term preservation issues in order to make a decision from a collection of data about what is important to keep. This information would ...
Other labels: spruce_london_2, issue, appraisal_assessment, planning_management
Page: Content separation
Title Content separation Detailed description Many adverts aggregated on a single file, stored on a DVD. Issue champion silviag78 Possible Solution approaches Avidemux Hand Break OGMRIP (or any other rip programme) Context Adverts were sent ...
Other labels: spruce_london_2, issue
Page: Document content and utility preservation
Title Document content and utility preservation Detailed description We need to ensure that documents are readable and remain so for as long as possible. The method needs to be quick and accurate. To this end we need to identify vulnerable documents so that we can allocate ...
Other labels: spruce_london_2, issue, conformance
Page: Emulation and authenticity issues
Title \\ Emulation and authenticity issues \\ Detailed description Compiled issues from bp10, with comments from hsilva (solution champion) in italics: \\ \\ A Tu Lengua has been written for Windows 95 and does not run properly on modern versions of Windows. \\ After ...
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Page: Identification, transfer and preservation of audio and video files
Title \\ Identification, transfer and preservation of audio and video files Detailed description Audio and video files are held on a variety of media and in various file formats. Most storage is less than optimal and needs to be updated for longterm storage and access. \\ \\ In order to accomplish ...
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Page: National Videogame Archive - issues with preserving games for public display
Title National Videogame Archive preserving games for public display. Detailed description Wider Museum Context \  The National Media Museum and the Science Museum group currently has no official Collections storage for complex types of digital media. The New ...
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Page: Simple preservation actions with few IT resources
Title Taking simple preservation actions that will begin to tackle preservation issues with few resources. Detailed description The collection of London 2012 material is catalgoued on our CALM cataloguing system. However, before putting a programme in place, we are looking for some ...
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