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Page: Checking the Authenticity and Integrity of Digital Content
Title Using Bagger to Check Authenticity/Integrity of Content Detailed description Solution Champion Carl Wilson Corresponding Issue(s) SPR:Authenticity and Integrity of Digital Artwork Tool/code link \ Tool Registry Link ...
Other labels: spruce, fixity
Page: Corrupted JPEG and JPEG2000 files solution
Title Corrupted JPEG and JPEG2000 files solution \\ Detailed description {}I tried some edge detection, but the pages full of text and line drawings had too many edges, so the edges of the corrupted areas were no more visible than ...
Other labels: spruce, bit_rot_detection
Page: Creation of a virtual machine to run old or deprecated software
Title Creation of a virtual machine to run "old/deprecated" software Detailed description This solution uses virtualization to recreate the original conditions (windows 95, in this case) needed to run the software. To achieve this, both an original windows 95 cdrom (provided ...
Other labels: spruce, emulation
Page: Extracting content from Facebook to Mediawiki
Title Extracting content from Facebook to Mediawiki \\ Detailed description Created new Mediawiki installation (v1.18) for experimentation ( Created a Facebook application to work with the wiki Installed and configured the Facebook extension for Mediawiki enabled authentication ...
Other labels: spruce, data_capture
Page: File management and matching of tif, htm and pdf files solution
Title File management and matching of tif, htm and pdf files solution \\ Detailed description Checking tool for OCR MASTER template.xls\\ \\ The solution (above) is an Excel (2003) spreadsheet which has some VBA code/macros to perform the comparison ...
Other labels: management, excel, pdf, htm, tif, matching, ocr, tool
Page: Malformed TIFF images solution
Title Malformed TIFF images solution Detailed description A Python2 script takes files and directories as command line arguments. It attempts to open images using PIL (Python Imaging Library) and collects statistics on the images which can indicate how ...
Other labels: tiff, black, pixels, report, csv, spruce, bit_rot_detection
Page: Preserving MS Outlook (.msg) E-mails with Attachments - Solution
Title Preserving MS Outlook (.msg) Emails with Attachments \\ Detailed description The solution is a JAR executable which makes use of the msgparser Java library to extract binary attachments from Microsoft Outlook MSG files. Extracted ...
Other labels: msg, attachment, extractor, java, batch, windows, microsoft, spruce
Page: Tika Batch File Identification
Title Tika Batch File Identification \\ Detailed description {}Overview:   \\ Group of issues surrounding batch processing of large number of files to identify file formats and therefore hint as to which applications may be useful for rendering the files.   \\ \\ Various ...
Other labels: identification, spruce
Page: Virtualisation using VirtualBox
Title Virtualisation using VirtualBox\\ Detailed description It was found that emulation was not the preferred technique for resolving the problem running the A Tu Lengua software on modern OSs. Instead virtualisation using VirtualBox ( was attempted. It was possible to virtualise Windows 95. A Tu ...
Other labels: spruce, emulation