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Page: Matching equivalent files of different formats
Title Matching equivalent files of different formats Detailed description We need to be able to tie together different files across the directory structures according to filenames and expected migration formats. We would like to do this on existing data and also ...
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Page: OSX GUI based checksum tool
Title OSX GUI based checksum tool Detailed description why? For most people the available tools are not nice. Doing checksums  is a big win. checksum gui front end app to take a chosen folder and generate a checksum ...
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Page: Seven Stories author & illustrator files
Title \\ Seven Stories author & illustrator files \\ Description Digital records in various file formats created by authors and illustrators in the process of writing/illustrating books.  Incidental occurences in collections which are primarily paperbased, and usually saved onto floppy ...
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Page: ttt test
Title The name or short description of the Dataset. This should be the same text as the title of the page. Keep it short, but make it descriptive so others who don't know about the Dataset in question can get a general feel for what its about. Just ...
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