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Page: C3PO
Summary Purpose Content Profiling and Visualisation Homepage \\ Source Code Repository \\ License \\ APACHE2 Debian Package none Description C3PO is a software tool, which uses meta data extracted from ...
Other labels: tool, c3po, content-profiling
Page: Dependency Discovery Tool
Summary Purpose The Dependency Discovery Tool searches through binary office files (.doc, .xls and .ppt) and tries to find any documents or files that are linked to the document. Homepage \\ Source Code Repository \\ ...
Other labels: tool, characterisation, dependency-analysis
Page: EXIF to DC XML normaliser
Summary Purpose Extract EXIF data and normalise it to DC XML. Homepage \\ fthescript Source Code Repository \\ Programming/Scripting language \\ PHP 4/5 License ...
Other labels: exif, exiftool, php, cli, xml, dc, dublin-core, metadata