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Summary Purpose {}D{}igital R{}ecord O{}bject ID{}entification (DROID): Automatic file format identification tool. Homepage oid.htm Source Code Repository License New ...
Other labels: characterisation, java, tool
Page: Fido
Summary Purpose {}F{}ormat {}I{}dentification for D{}igital O{}bjects Homepage \\ Source Code Repository \\ License \\ Apache 2.0 Open Source License \\ Debian Package ...
Other labels: python, characterisation, tool
Summary Purpose Provides functions to perform formatspecific identification, validation, and characterisation of digital objects. Homepage \\ Source Code Repository \\ License \\ JHOVE is made available by JSTOR and the President and Fellows of Harvard ...
Other labels: tool, characterisation, validation
Page: NARA File Analyzer and Metadata Harvester
Summary Purpose NARA File Analyzer and Metadata Harvester allows a user to analyze the contents of a file system or external drive and generates statistics about the contents of the contained directories. Homepage \\ Source Code Repository ...
Other labels: characterisation, metadata, extraction, fixity, tool
Page: Tika
Summary Purpose Detects and extracts metadata and text content from documents. Homepage \\ Source Code Repository \\ License \\ Apache License, Version 2.0 \\ Debian Package Description Java based tool ...
Other labels: characterisation, java, extraction, tool