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Page: Files identified as JP2 are really JPX
Description Some software applications produce JPX (JPEG 2000 Part 2) files that are superficially indistinguishable from JP2. This applies, for example, to the Adobe JPEG 2000 plugin that comes with Adobe Photoshop (add version). In principle, JPX files can ...
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Page: JPEG 2000 support discontinued in Photoshop Elements
Description Starting with version 10 (released in September 2011), Adobe has removed support of JPEG 2000 from its Photoshop Elements software. (The latest versions of Photoshop CS still support JPEG 2000.) Risks Removal of JPEG 2000 ...
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Page: Kakadu
Summary Purpose JPEG 2000 SDK, includes encoder/decoder Homepage Source Code Repository License Commercial, binaries freely available for noncommercial use (certain restrictions apply) Debian Package Description From the author's website ...
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