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Page: Digital Preservation Planning (SPRUCE)
Digital Preservation Planning There is an immediate and urgent need to develop a robust digital preservation planning procedure.  This, together with an audit of what is already there, is vital to building up a digital repository and a workable preservation strategy.  Certain ...
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Page: Produce a report summarising collection metadata and content (SPRUCE)
Produce a report summarising collection metadata and content Detailed description Bishopsgate Library has received several digital archive deposits comprising large numbers of files in various formats and with little organisation. When receiving such deposits, it would be useful to be able ...
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Page: Sorting, appraising and metadata creation for deposited personal collections (SPRUCE)
Title Establishing procedures for the effective management of personal collections. Detailed description There are a number of issues that make the digital preservation of the collections of individuals particularly difficult. Individuals do not tend to manage their own records in a structured way as organisations do. Typical issues ...
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