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Page: Audio Collection (York) (AQuA)
Basic description York Sound Archive digitised audio.                                           &nbsp ...
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Page: Endangered Archives Programme (EAP) (AQuA)
Basic description (Multimedia) Image, Audio and Video collections EAP \\ Licensing AQuA event files cleared for use. Normally Content creators clear copyright. EAP can provide access for research. \\ Institution British Library (on behalf of many institutions ...
Other labels: aqua, image, video
Page: LAVC audio (Practical Preservation Issues)
Title \\ LAVC (Leeds Archive of Vernacular Culture) audio files \\ Description audio files copied from masters and then recopied \\ Licensing content owned by University of Leeds, use only with permission \\ Owner University of Leeds \\ Dataset Location Test files ...
Page: M3P audio CD Collection (SPRUCE)
Title \\ M3P's Collaborative CD Collection & Preservation (CCCP or C3P) \\ Description This is a subset of the Malta Music Memory Project (M3P). Malta Music Memory Project (M3P){}Five record collectors have, between them, almost the entire catalogue of Maltese ...
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Page: Ri Archive collections - audio, video and image examples (SPRUCE)
Title \\ Ri Archive collections audio, video and image examples Description Content mostly created by Ri staff, for the Ri or in conjunction with it but may come from different sources and in various formats. The sample includes digital and digitised film and audio of Ri ...
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Page: User-generated audio field recordings (AQuA)
Basic description Made on portable digital recorders, handheld devices and smartphones, this collection of borndigital audio field recordings submitted by the public presents a number of challenges for secure and efficient preservation.  Created on a variety of unspecified recording devices, audio files ...
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