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Page: Big Dance Archive (SPRUCE)
Title The Big Dance Archive a part of the Big Dance project a biennial festival that run from 2006 to 2012. Description The archive consists of various  materials (images, videos, newspapercuts, business papers and so on), and videos are major records in the documenting dances ...
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Page: Deposited personal collection (SPRUCE)
Title Deposited personal collection Description The collection comprises the archive of a leading academic and senior member of management. Documents relate to both his work for the institution and his own personal archive relating to research and career. It comprises 25.5GB (76.5k) files ...
Other labels: dataset
Page: History Workshop Journal - Digital Archive Deposit (SPRUCE)
History Workshop Journal Archive Digital Archive Deposit Founded in Britain in the late sixties by the historian Raphael Samuel, the History Workshop movement advocated “history from below”: history envisioned from the perspective of ordinary people rather than elites ...
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