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Page: Big Dance Archive (SPRUCE)
Title The Big Dance Archive a part of the Big Dance project a biennial festival that run from 2006 to 2012. Description The archive consists of various  materials (images, videos, newspapercuts, business papers and so on), and videos are major records in the documenting dances ...
Other labels: dataset, video, document
Page: University Photographs with embeded metadata (SPRUCE)
Title University Photographs with embedded metadata Description The collection consists of \45,000 TIFF images with embedded descriptive metadata. The metadata is consistent, but is (mostly) just a list of keywords. These keywords need to be mapped to the proper Dublin Core metadata fields and, in many cases ...
Other labels: dataset
Page: Valid and well-formed TIFF's with scanline corruption (SPRUCE)
Title Valid and wellformed TIFF's with scanline corruption Detailed description At NANETH we sometimes encounter TIFF's which render incorrectly or do not render at all, although they are being marked as 'valid' and 'wellformed' when inspected with JHOVE. Photoshop shows a corrupted ...
Other labels: issue, tiff, corruption, scanline, jhove, validation, well-formedness, bit_rot
Page: Valid and well-formed TIFF's with scanline corruption dataset (SPRUCE)
Title Valid and wellformed TIFF's with scanline corruption Description Images are part of the collection of the Dutch cultural heritage project Beelden Voor De Toekomst During the project, a total of 91.183 hours of video, 22.086 ...
Other labels: dataset, tiff, scanline, corruption, validation, well-formedness
Page: Vanley Burke Archive - sample for digital asset audit (SPRUCE)
dataset is a mixture of scanned photographic images, other images and some born digital assets which represent samples of the work of Vanley Burke (b. 1951), photographer currently active in Birmingham, UK.  The images were scanned by various members ...
Other labels: dataset