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Page: Hack Day - 11th October 2016 (Format Interest Group)
Space to plan our hack day. Plan/Activities: Completed Priority Locked CreatedDate CompletedDate Assignee Name F M F 1475143637846 pmay Setup a google document F M F 1475140022989 pmay Write blog post ...
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Page: JHOVE issues and error messages (Format Interest Group)
page is under construction. Please feel free to add, edit and correct. :) This page is intended to capture error messages found during testing with JHOVE. It also contains some broad PDF knowledge. Expand and improve explanations. Maybe there could be some ...
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Page: Valid and well-formed TIFF's with scanline corruption (SPRUCE)
Title Valid and wellformed TIFF's with scanline corruption Detailed description At NANETH we sometimes encounter TIFF's which render incorrectly or do not render at all, although they are being marked as 'valid' and 'wellformed' when inspected with JHOVE. Photoshop shows a corrupted ...
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