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Page: 3D Modelling Data for Terracotta Roundels (SPRUCE)
Description 3D modelling data is used to track the condition of objects within the collection, as well as the historic fabric of the buildings we care for.  This is not done in house, so the data is created by various external contractors, and contains various file types. The type ...
Other labels: dataset, spruce_london_2
Page: Blackwater Estuary Fish Traps Monitoring Survey (SPRUCE)
Title Blackwater Estuary Fish Traps Monitoring Survey Description Created by {}Essex County Council Field Archaeology Unit. Includes GIS (shapefiles, GML) AutoCAD (DXF, DWG) Word processed files (DOC, ODT, PDF), images ...
Other labels: dataset, spruce_london_2
Page: Exact For DOS Bookkeeping Data Dataset (Knowledge Base)
Title Exact For DOS Bookkeeping Data Description Backup files from bookkeeping data from 1994, created with Dutch bookkeeping software "Exact for DOS". Part of the corporate archive of the National Archives of the Netherlands. Licensing ...
Other labels: freiburg, dataset, exact, dos, y2k, emulation
Page: Laser Scanning data of Gabo sculptures (SPRUCE)
Title Laser Scanning Data of Gabo sculptures Description Laser scanning was carried out of Tate’s collection of celluloseacetate sculptures by Gabo, in order to create 3D visualisations and track condition changes over time. The scanning was carried out by a thirdpart supplier ...
Other labels: spruce_london_2, dataset
Page: London 2012 Partnership governance and communication records (SPRUCE)
Title London 2012 Partnership: governance and communication records Description Records created by Lloyds Banking Group surrounding their partnership with the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Includes governance records such as steering committees, highlevel reports, and communications records such as visual ...
Other labels: dataset, spruce_london_2
Page: Northumberland Estates - Current Electronic Records (SPRUCE)
Title Clerk of Works Folder. Business records from Northumberland Estates. The collection has been taken from networked drives currently in use by the Estates. Includes standard office environment documents and software memes (e.g. Word, Excel, PDF ...
Other labels: spruce_london_2, dataset, document
Page: Outputs from born-digital ingest workflow (AQuA)
Basic description A workflow tool processes unknown source files through the following steps: Quarantine Virus check Characterisation and metadata extraction Format migration \\ Outputs are a ZIP file containing the original files, log files from the processing steps ...
Other labels: aqua, dataset
Page: Ri Archive collections - audio, video and image examples (SPRUCE)
Title \\ Ri Archive collections audio, video and image examples Description Content mostly created by Ri staff, for the Ri or in conjunction with it but may come from different sources and in various formats. The sample includes digital and digitised film and audio of Ri ...
Other labels: dataset, spruce_london_2, image, audio
Page: UCLan Corporate Records on Sharepoint (SPRUCE)
Title UCLan Corporate Records on Sharepoint  Description The content is text, images and documents in various file types created by UCLan staff using Sharepoint to create, hold and/or organise the files and information. The basic file types are Sharepoint lists, MS documents ...
Other labels: spruce_london, dataset