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Page: Appraisal and preservation of 3D modelling data (SPRUCE)
Detailed description More information is needed about various file formats what they are, whether they are propriety, whether they have long term preservation issues in order to make a decision from a collection of data about what is important to keep. This information would ...
Other labels: spruce_london_2, issue, appraisal_assessment, obsolescence
Page: Identifying and preserving image files (SPRUCE)
Title Identifying and preserving image files Detailed description We have a large number of digitised and born digital images in our collection and need a strategy for identifying, checking and preserving them in the long term. The files are mostly generated in house but there has ...
Other labels: spruce_london_2, issue, unknown_file_formats
Page: National Videogame Archive - issues with preserving games for public display (SPRUCE)
Title National Videogame Archive preserving games for public display. Detailed description Wider Museum Context \  The National Media Museum and the Science Museum group currently has no official Collections storage for complex types of digital media. The New ...
Other labels: spruce_london, issue, obsolescence
Page: Preservation plan (SPRUCE)
Title Preservation plan Detailed description Once we have identified what digital records we have and their characteristics, we need to set up a preservation plan. Issue champion silviag78 Other interested parties Any other parties ...
Other labels: spruce_london_2, issue
Page: Preservation planning for images - access, preservation and annotation (SPRUCE)
Title Preservation planning including choosing image formats for access, preservation and annotation. Detailed description The previous digitisation of our collections has been inconsistent with no standardised naming or file formats. We need to develop a plan for managing our current ...
Other labels: spruce_london_2, issue
Page: Storage and compression of AVI files from Film and Video Collection (SPRUCE)
Title Storage and compression of AVI files from Film and Video Collection Detailed description \\ \\ 8 video clips (AVI files) digitised from film with a total size of 92GB. This is a dataset from a wider collection of over 15000 film ...
Other labels: spruce_london, issue