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Page: AccessToSiard (The Registry)
Summary Purpose A collection of scripts to automatically convert MS Access files to the SIARD format. Homepage \\ Source Code Repository \\ License \\ GNU General Public License version ...
Other labels: database, migration, convert, conversion, siard, access
Page: CSV2SIARD (The Registry)
Summary Purpose A tool to create SIARD containers from CSV files. Homepage \\ License \\ ? Description A tool to create SIARD containers from CSV files, without the need to use an intermediate step ...
Other labels: database, archiving, csv, comma-separated, conversion, migration, convert
Page: Data Extraction from real world Android Phone Images through BW-FLA Emulation as a service (Practical Preservation Issues)
Title \\ Data Extraction from real world Android Phone Images through BWFLA Emulation as a service. The challenge is to extracting images from real Android phones (as the Nexus series devices) and mount them in the BWFLA emulation environment. Based on this setup ...
Other labels: issue, unsolved_issue, opf, hackathon, android, emulation, database, data_capture
Page: DBPRES comprehensive breakdown (Knowledge Base)
DRAFT DRAFT DRAFT This is a draft page and therefore can contain errors and omissions. You are welcome to edit this page if you have any corrections or additions. Comments are also welcome. DBPRES comprehensive breakdown of database archiving tools and formats currently ...
Other labels: database, siard, addml, sdfp, msaccess, ingest, xml
Page: DBPRESWG Minutes Skype call 1 (March 19, 2012) (Knowledge Base)
Minutes to be published
Other labels: database
Page: EXIF to DC XML normaliser (The Registry)
Summary Purpose Extract EXIF data and normalise it to DC XML. Homepage \\ fthescript Source Code Repository \\ Programming/Scripting language \\ PHP 4/5 License ...
Other labels: apache2, exif, exiftool, php, cli, xml, dc, dublin-core