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Page: British Library - Research Datasets (SCAPE)
Title \\ British Library Research Datasets Description Four potential research datasets have been identified for use in the Research Datasets Testbed: UK Web Domain format profile dataset SP:UK Web Domain Dataset Format Profile ...
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Page: British National Bibliography (SCAPE)
Title \\ British National Bibliography \\ Description The British Library is developing a version of the British National Bibliography which it is making available as Linked Open Data via a Talis platform. \\ The initial offering includes published books with future releases extending coverage ...
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Page: Catalogue Data for the Scientific datasets (SCAPE)
Title \\ ICAT Catalogue data \\ Description Come in two types of formats: XMLs and database records \\ Licensing See the STFC Data Policy for the SCAPE project Owner STFC Dataset Location (for access, get in touch with STFC)\\ Collection ...
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Page: Electoral Roll Data (SCAPE)
Title \\ UK electoral roll data Description The BL receives around 400 electoral returns every year from local authorities in the UK. The submitted dataset has no uniformity in the submissions, with formats, structure, and data sizes all varying. Data ...
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Page: Geospatial data (SCAPE)
Title \\ Ordnance Survey Geospatial datasets Description The British Library maintains an archive of largescale mapping of the nation in digital format, since 1998 for Ordnance Survey (OS) and 2004 for OS Northern Ireland (OSNI). These geospatial databases are voluntarily deposited ...
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Page: NeXus Data Collection ISIS - STFC (SPRUCE)
ISIS NeXus Data  NeXus a common data format for neutron, xray and muon science. It is developed as an international standard by scientists and programmers representing major scientific facilities in Europe, Asia, Australia, and North America in order ...
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Page: Nexus data files from instruments (SCAPE)
Title \\ Nexus data files from instruments Description These are data files captured straight from instruments. They contain measurements collected from instrument detectors. There is no typical size or number of a detector that an instrument has. For example, for STFC ISIS facility ...
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Page: Processed scientific datasets (SCAPE)
Title \\ Processed scientific datasets  and related context (workflow, software, provenance) \\ Description These datasets are produced during data reduction and analysis phases of a scientific investigation. There is no generalised standard format for this type of data, although there are domain specific ones. For example, in Chemistry ...
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Page: RDST1 General Scientific Data Handling Scenarios (SCAPE)
Collection: Issues: Issue 1 Issue 2 Issue 3 Solutions: Solution 1 Solution 2
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Page: RDST2 Format Migration of (raw) Scientific Datasets (SCAPE)
Collection: Issues:  Issue 1  Issue 2 Solutions
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