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Page: Computer games - KB private donations (Knowledge Base)
Title Computer games KB private donations Description The dataset consists of the following type computer games: Two DOS games on 3.5 discs (both on 1.44 MB and 720 KB discs) A Windows/Mac game on CDROM A Nintendo 3DS ...
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Page: Developing with the OPF (OPF System Documentation)
Overview One of the main goals of the Open Planets Foundation is to SUPPORT the development of maintainable "turnkey" digital preservation software. To this extent we recommend that a simplistic well utilised strategy be employed when developing software, keeping use of many disparate services ...
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Page: Exact For DOS Bookkeeping Data Issue (Knowledge Base)
Title Exact For DOS Bookkeeping Data Issue Detailed description Backup files from bookkeeping data from 1994, created with Dutch bookkeeping software "Exact for DOS". Part of the corporate archive of the National Archives of the Netherlands. Original software running ...
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Page: National Videogame Archive Dataset (SPRUCE)
Title National Videogame Archive Games for public exhibition. Description Collection of computer and console games that form part of the National Videogame Archive. Dataset includes records of games where copyright has been cleared to exhibit the games within the public ...
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Page: Obsolete multimedia software (SPRUCE)
Title \\ Obsolete multimedia software \\ Description A Tu Lengua is a CAL software package developed at the University of St Andrews in 1998. A Tu Langua is bundled into the Speaker Knowledge Explorer 4.01 software. The package contains a compilation of multimedia files and interactive grammar ...
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Page: Script and Programming Language File Identifications (Practical Preservation Issues)
Title \\ Script and Programming Language File Identifications Description A collection of 600 script files, from various sources, comprising C, Javascript, CSS, Perl, PHP, Python. Licensing Owner Collection is owned by various organisations, and includes webharvested content ...
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