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Page: Check consistency between metadata and content (AQuA)
One line summary Check that the METS, OCR, JPEG2000 masters and the PDFs are consistent \\ Detailed description As shown in the diagram below, check images and ALTO files information defined in METS against the real files stored in separate Zip files. Also ...
Other labels: mets, ocr, metadata, jpeg2000, jp2k, pdf, jp2, jpx
Page: Identify compressed TIFFs and convert them to uncompressed TIFFs (AQuA)
One line summary Given is a list of TIFF images, some of them are compressed as "Group 4 Fax" TIFF images. The compression causes issues in some application contexts, therefore it might be required to remove the compression from a large TIFF images ...
Other labels: fits, format, characterisation, migration, conversion, gimp, fu-script, solution
Page: OCR Comparison (AQuA)
One line summary Compare two different OCR results. If the results are not sufficiently close, the source pages may be different indicating possible issues. \\ Detailed description See detailed scenario descriptions below. \\ Solution champion Georg Petz & Sven ...
Other labels: workflow, ocr, comparison, tiff, jpeg2000, tesseract, hocr, quality_assurance
Page: Workflows Exercise Worksheet (SCAPE)
Requirements: Fits, OpenJPEG 2.0, Jpylyzer, and ImageMagick, and Taverna installed on local machine. You should ...
Other labels: scape, migration, jpeg2000, workflow