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Page: Big Dance Archive (SPRUCE)
Title The Big Dance Archive a part of the Big Dance project a biennial festival that run from 2006 to 2012. Description The archive consists of various  materials (images, videos, newspapercuts, business papers and so on), and videos are major records in the documenting dances ...
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Page: Collection of audio-visuals and digitised images (SPRUCE)
Title Collection of audiovisuals and digitised images. Description A collection of TV adverts. The adverts from 1980s and 1990s, originally on film, were migrated onto CDs. They are AVI files and compressed MPEG4 copies of some of them have been made. The adverts ...
Other labels: spruce_london_2, dataset, image
Page: Diagnosing FLV problems using FLVmeta's flvdump (AQuA)
One line summary Deconstruct the FLV at the top level using flvdump and see if it is valid. Detailed description Used FLVmeta package which contained the flvdump programme, which was able to walk through the FLV file and check container was valid ...
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Page: Digital Preservation at your Command (Knowledge Base)
Talk by Maurice de Rooij about using command line tools and combining them to create new tools. FIDIR Download: Webinar blog post: ationyourcommandpartiiavailablevideo Full ...
Other labels: fidir, webinar, dos, linux, mac, command-line, commandline, command
Page: Endangered Archives Programme (EAP) (AQuA)
Basic description (Multimedia) Image, Audio and Video collections EAP \\ Licensing AQuA event files cleared for use. Normally Content creators clear copyright. EAP can provide access for research. \\ Institution British Library (on behalf of many institutions ...
Other labels: aqua, dataset, audio, image
Page: ExifTool (The Registry)
Summary Purpose Properties extraction, identification, metadata editing Homepage \\ Source Code Repository \\ License \\ Distributed under same terms as Perl language (GNU GPL or "Artistic license") Debian Package Description Metadata ...
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Page: FFmpeg (The Registry)
Summary Purpose FFmpeg is a complete, crossplatform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video. Homepage \\ License \\ LGPL or GPL \\ Description It includes libavcodec \ the leading audio/video codec library. See the documentation ...
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Page: getID3() (The Registry)
Summary Purpose Extracts technical and embedded descriptive metadata from common multimedia file formats. Homepage \\ License \\ GPL \\ Description getID3() is a PHP script that extracts technical and embedded descriptive metadata (ID3 tags, BEXT info ...
Other labels: audio, cli, characterise, tool
Page: Gormley Flash (BL) (AQuA)
Basic description 2400 x 35ms flash images of recent Gormley exhibition on 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square Licensing Institution BL Collection expert [email protected] List of issues AQuA:Player stops part way through some of the performances
Other labels: dataset, aqua
Page: McLean Museum (SPRUCE)
Title McLean Museum Initial Digitised Collection Description Scanned images of archival documents which have been created as digital surrogates. These have been stored as JPEGS. A digital artwork, a DIVX file, is also included in the collection along with digitised ...
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