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access, acroform, aiff, alto, analyse, analysis, apache, api, appraisal_assessment, aqua, audio, audioscout, audiovisual, auditing batch, bit_rot, bit_rot_detection, bmp, broadcast-wave, bwf, bwfmetaedit, characterisation, characterise, comparison, conformance, container, conversion dataset, de-duplication, dependency, diskimage, document, duplication, email, embedded, embedded_objects, excel, extraction
fingerprint, fits, fixity, flash, flv, flvdump, fonts, format, frequency, fu-script, gif, gimp, hocr id3, id3v1, id3v2, identification, image, issue, itext java, jhears, jp2, jp2k, jpeg2000, jpg, jpg2000, jpm, jpod, jpx, jpxfilter, levenshtein, lightning
macromedia, metadata, mets, microsoft, migration, mixed_misc, mj2, mp3, mp4, ms, ms-office, normalisation objects, obsolescence, ocr, office, ole, pdf, pdfbox, php, png, poi, prototype, prototyped qa, quality_assurance, scape, solution, sox, structural_relationships, talk, taverna, tesseract, tiff
unknown_characteristics, unknown_file_format, unknown_file_formats, unsolved, unsolved_issue, validation, video, wav, wma, wmv, word, workflow, xml zip 3gpp