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addml, advanced, appraisal_assessment, backup, binary, bookkeeping casestudy, chapel_hill, characterisation, command, command-line, commandline, contacts, conversion, convert, converter data, database, dataset, data_capture, de-duplication, deliverable, development, disk, disk_image, document, dos, drive, duplication
email, emails, eml, emulation, exact, example fidir, fido, fido2, file, financial, floppy, format, freiburg, functionality, guide identification, implementation, improvements, ingest, installation, ipr, issue, java, license, licensing, line, linux
mac, migration, mixed_misc, ms-dos, msaccess, msdos, msg, obsolescence, opf_copenhagen, outlook password, pdf, preservation, preservingpdf, pronom, proprietary, pst, python, roadmap save, sdfp, siard, signatures, software, solution, solutions, spruce, technical, to, tool
unknown_characteristics, untagged, usage, username, vcard, video, virtualbox, virtualization webinar, windows, wishlist, without, workflow, wrapper, xml, y2k 5-25-inch