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android, appraisal_assessment, audio, bit_rot, bit_rot_detection, characterisation, characterise, conformance, context, conversion, convert database, dataset, data_capture, disk_image, document, duplication, email, embedded_objects, emulation, fonts hackathon, harvesting, identification, image, issue, jp2, lotus, mailbox, migration, mixed
notes, nsf, obsolescence, opf, opf_copenhagen, opf_montpellier, outlook permissions, postscript, pres, preser, preservation, preservingpdf, pst, qa, quality_assurance, retention, rights software, solution, spruce, spruce_glasgow, spruce_london_2, structural_relationships, to, unknown_characteristics, unknown_file_formats, unsolved_issue, untagged
validation, vector, web, york_hackathon