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access, analyze, apache2, apple, archiving, audio, bitrot, building c3po, characterisation, characterise, checksum, cli, comma-separated, comparison, compile, container, content-profiling, conversion, convert, copy, cr2, csv data, database, dbf, dc, dependency-analysis, disk, dng, document, dpsp, dublin-core
email, exif, exiftool, export, ext-qtk, extraction, file, fixity, format, formatissue, foxpro gpl, gpl2, gpl3, gplv2, identification, image, images, java, jp2, jp2k, jpeg2000, jpg, jpx kill, lgpl, library, low-level, management, manager, manifest, metadata, migration, miscellaneous, mp3
nef, normalise, not-recommended, obsolete, ocr, odt, opendocument pdf, php, png, preservation, process, psd, python, qa, quality-control, quicktime recovery, renaming, repair, resume, siard, space, specification, suspend
tags, tested, thread, tif, tiff, too, tool, tools, untagged, validation, video, visualise webarchive, windows, xena, xml