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|[movie.pdf|]|From Multimedia & 3D Tests on Adobe Acrobat Engineering website|5.2.1|Forbidden field in an annotation definition, The subtype isn't authorized : Movie|

h32. Notes

h3. Error codes generic, error description important as well
The [Preflight source code|] reveals that some of the errors codes such as 5.2.1 and 6.2.5 are generic for annotation and action types that are forbidden in PDF/A-1. The _Screen_ and _Movie_ annotations are just two of them, which means that it is not possible to identify embedded movies without taking into account the elaborate error description (i.e. the contents of the _details_ field in the output) as well.

h3. Other multimedia annotations
Second, _Screen_ and _Movie_ annotations are not the only multimedia annotations in PDF. The [format specification|] distinguishes the following multimedia annotations:

* _Movie_ annotations (predecessor of _Screen_ annotations, deprecated since PDF 1.5)
So in general any profiling for audiovisual multimedia content should include _Movie_, _Screen_ and _Sound_ annotations (and/or their corresponding Actions).

h2. Additional test results
Results of additional tests with more complex PDFs with multimedia can be found here:

Additional tests with more complex PDFs suggest that _Apache Preflight_ may report several other error codes in case of of non-embedded fonts. See the following page for details:

_Preflight_ test results for more multimedia PDFs can be found here:

[Analysis of Acrobat Engineering PDFs with Acrobat Preflight and Apache Preflight]

h2. Example files
* [] - PDF Cabinet of Horrors on OPF Format Corpus