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| *Tool Registry Link* \\ | _[]_ \\ |
| *Evaluation* \\ | _Any notes or links on how the solution performed. This will be developed and formalised by the Testbed SP._ \\
Some initial evaluation of identification tools can be found here: [SP:SO3 Comparing identification tools] |

h2. Status
This is not the case, at present. TODO, FINISH THIS

h4. Tika Crashes

Some experimentation with large TIFF files results in Tika crashing when parsing due to lack of heap space. Simply adding \-Xmx1024m (or even 512m) to the Java command line when running Tika solves this problem. Identification only should not be affected as this only reads in a small (8K) buffer from the file.

This does not rule out the case that other files may cause other (possibly parsing) issues that crash Tika.

h4. Tika RESTful service and Taverna Workflow