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h2. SCAPE: Big Data meets Digital Preservation

Ross King, Rainer Schmidt, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH

Christoph Becker, Technical University of Vienna
Through its data-centric execution platform, SCAPE will substantially improve scalability for handling massive amounts of data and securing quality assurance without human intervention. But fundamentally, for a system to be truly operational on a large scale, all components involved need to scale up. Only scalable monitoring and decision making enables automated, large-scale systems operation by scaling up the control structures, policies, and processes for monitoring and action. SCAPE will thus address the bottleneck of decision processes and processing information required for decision making. Based on well-established principles and methods \[1\], the project automate now-manual aspects such as constraints modelling, requirements reuse, measurements, and continuous monitoring by integrating existing and evolving information sources and measurements.

h3. Conclusions

The SCAPE project has been running for one year and will continue for another two and one-half years. Initial results are publicly available on the project website:

h3. References