Checking significant properties of images have been retained after migration

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| *Title* \\ | Checking significant properties of images have been retained after migration |
| *Detailed description* | _A detailed description of the Issue. The Issue_ *{_}MUST{_}* _focus on the busines or preservation driven challenge, and should not assume or describe a particular solution._ |
| *Detailed description* | When we convert images between formats to create preservation or dissemination versions, we would like some way of checking if the conversion is successful (other than by just checking a random few by eye). Would be great if there could be a way that certain quantifiable properties of raster image files could be extracted and compared. \\
* dimensions
* number of pixels
* presence and content of metadata
This would be useful for conversions between jpg/tif/gif/png and possibly other formats too.\\ |
| *Issue champion* | ___[~jennymitcham]_ |
| *Other interested parties* \\ | _Any other parties who are also interested in applying Issue Solutions to their Datasets_ |
| *Possible Solution approaches* | _Brief brainstorm of possible approaches to solving the Issue. Each approach should be described in a single sentence as part of a bulleted list_ \\ |
| *Possible Solution approaches* | A tool already exists that characterises JPEG2000 files. JPanalyser? Need similar tools for other raster image file formats\\ |
| *Context* | _Details of the institutional context to the Issue. (May be expanded at a later date)_ \\ |
| *Lessons Learned* | _Notes on Lessons Learned from tackling this Issue that might be useful to inform digital preservation best practice_ \\ |